Regular service on a bike can give you a great ride and ease your mind of safety concerns. We have many different service plans and can also work on your bike a la carte. While a standard tune up may be for many, we are here to work with you to get your bike out riding. 

Full service tuneing

 Bicycle Services

Interested in upgrading your bike in one of the most significant ways? Problems with your stock wheels coming out of true or failing? Ask us about our custom wheels for a wheelset that can re-difine your ride.

Suspension service can both make for a better ride feel as well as increase the longevity of your product. Contact us to find out how often each fork or shock should be serviced and receive a quote for the services. At this time we can also discuss bearing replacements for your full suspension frame.

Custom Wheel Building

Whether it is rebuilding your Sram caliper pistons, yearly Shimano bleeds, upgrading your stock brakes, or just install new pads, we can help make your brakes feel as good as they can. Check with us for rates and scheduling to get your bike stopping properly.

Full Service Suspension Shop

Full service brake center

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